Health benefits:

Joints & bones, recover & renew, skin & hair brings:  ”THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”
How to use it:

🍏Mix 1-2 scoops with your favorite beverage; juice, water, smoothies, coffee & tea!

🍏Add to your favorite recipes. Give your meals a power boost and reap the health benefits of adding amino acids!

Collagen ~ Build Strength & Vitality!

  • Health Benefits:

    Joints & Bones
    Collagen does wonders for the body’s frame and connective tissue. Collagen binds cells to one another to help support the structure of your muscles, joints, and bones. Keep your bones STRONG!

    Recover & Renew:
    Collagen protein is critical for rebuilding the body. Support daily activities by eating a diet rich in nutrients that help the regeneration of muscle fibers, and therefore may speed up recovery time in the gym or after an injury.

    Skin & Hair
    Collagen’s essential amino acids support the health, appearance, and elasticity of your skin and thicker, stronger hair and nails. Anti-aging benefits so strong that some refer to collagen as ”THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”.

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