Natalie Brockeveldt-Walker:

Owner, Creator, Nutritionist & Trainer

I have not always been as fit and healthy as I am today. My journey has shown me to care for my body through fitness and nutrition. As I saw positive changes in my own mind and body, I discovered my passion in helping others find confidence and prioritize wellness.


Nutri-Fit's studio is "NOT" a traditional gym, we have revolutionized personal training and fitness classes. At Nutri-Fit we’re focused on helping you reach your wellness goals through a holistic approach. We offer individualized personal training, virtual and in-studio fitness classes, nutritional counseling, wellness education and online personal training. Discover the difference today and prioritize your health!

With over a decade of experience & passion for helping others, I believe in providing a comfortable environment where we safely guide our customers. We look forward to seeing

you soon. 


Stop in and visit us today!

Natalie Brockeveldt-Walker; Owner, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer