Haydee Meixl

Certified Personal Trainer

About Me

My first experience with personal training was as a client. It was about a year after the birth of my second child. I was completely overwhelmed, loopy from lack of sleep, poor posture due to baby carrying nonstop, my muscles were the consistency of taffy, energy was low and frankly I was setting aside zero time for myself. Everything else in life seemed to be more of a priority than my own well-being.


My trainer did all the things that I know now are absolutely essential in order to gain trust and customize a movement and nutrition program to encourage optimal biomechanics, decrease body fat, and discover joy through exercise. A few years later, I wanted desperately to share what I had learned and help others find empowerment through movement.


I find such pleasure in continually expanding my knowledge in health and wellness. I have a solid background in strength training, optimal cardiovascular planning, self-myofascial release and stretching. My clients can attest to my loyalty and deep concern for their well-being and happiness on a personalized level. I understand that fitness may seem to be only a small facet of your life but I have seen firsthand how your strength and vitality can directly affect your career, family, relationships and self confidence. Let me help you put yourself first so you can be at your best for those you love most!

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