How long are your sessions?

Our personal training and small group sessions are designed to meet your schedule. We offer 30 min sessions and 60-minute sessions. All group classes are approximately 60 minutes.

How many clients can be in a training session?

One thing we really value at Nutri-Fit is the ability to give each client the attention they deserve. Safety and proper form are essential when it comes to building the foundation of fitness. Studies show that smaller groups enhance your ability to learn and excel. Our small group training can be anywhere from 2-5 people at one given time. Our classes are limited to 15 people per class. We want to inspire confidence and enhance the intimate setting.

What do I wear?

Although what you wear is personal, I recommend comfortable clothes that allow movement. Being comfortable allows you to focus on fitness and not be distracted. Shoes that fit properly and keep the body in good biomechanics are highly encouraged.

I have not worked out in years, can I still do your program?

Of course! At Nurti-Fit we specialize in helping people who are new or newer to fitness. We understand the complexity of a program design and making it fit the needs of each person. I strive to help each person understand what exercise is and customize the exercises appropriately. I recommend one-on-one personal training prior to joining classes. This helps build the foundation of fitness.

I have an injury/limitation, can I still workout at your studio?

Absolutely! When we go over your health history and goals we will address each issue at your complimentary intake session. Once we know more about your body, we can design a program that suits your needs best.

What are your prices?

Our programs are tailored to each client’s specific goals and lifestyle. From one-on-one personal training to Body-Fit classes, we can find something to fit your goals and budget. Setting up a complimentary intake session will help us find what fits your lifestyle best. Click here for pricing details.