Body-Fit classes are a great way to improve your current fitness level, built and tone muscle, incinerate calories and help you get the lean body you’ve always wanted. Nutri-Fit adds a variety of fitness modalities, techniques, and equipment to challenge the body. Evidence-based routines will keep plateaus at bay!

We believe in muscle confusion! We are constantly changing it up by using TRX suspension training, viPr, medicine balls, dumbbells, and even frisbees! The classes are designed to help you achieve your highest level of fitness with the added benefit of group motivation. You can count this workout as cardiovascular, as well as a resistance training session! Our efficiency is ideal for the busy body.

Nutrition is key component to creating change in the body! You can expect support and recommendations on pre/post workout nutrition to maximize results. Remember you cannot out exercise your diet! Looking for custom nutrition support? Schedule an appointment today.

The more the merrier!! Bring a friend or family member! First class is always FREE!!!!